Our Story

Experience of 16 years in TV Formats

Founded in 2008 to offer software and graphics solutions to TV Quiz and Game shows, Red Room has experience of more than 12 years in TV Quiz and Game Show softwares and Graphics Automations.

Red Room designs format's logo, develops the necessary studio software, prepares fixed and animated graphics, sound and light automations as well as their automated triggerings according to the flow for the TV productions we work with, also we provide rental options for all the necessary graphics and computer systems to operate the show and we offer package solutions to production companies and TV channels with our experienced operators who will manage the system during the shooting. We have successfully brought all the global technological trends to our projects, by carrying out the first examples of play-along TV Formats such as People's Choice; interactive TV productions that run integrated with smartphone applications.

We have successfully overcome the most difficult projects to date in all the projects we take part in, by ensuring that the program shooting is not interrupted due to technical problems. We have always reassured the producers, directors and TV channels with our zero error systems with hot backups we use in the live broadcast shows we take part in.

As Red Room, we continue to offer technological solutions to our valuable producers and broadcasters with our experience of more than 16 years.